Comp. Science Technology Events | A'18
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  Let Your Logic Shout.

  Ultimate Showdown of Softwares.

  A Mint of Creativity.

  Faster you code, Quicker you are   done..!!

  One key,helps to reach your goal.

  Crown your creativity - with photoshop.

  A War You Cannot Escape.

  Trash is not Right Place,Understand   your E-waste.

  Eye it, Try it, Sell it.

  Turn Ideas Into Action

  Save Polar go solar..

  Unleash imagination.

  Examine your engineering IQ.

  Boosting graphics expression.

  More Speed, More Power with minimum   time.

  Filter with Nature.

  Home away from your Home

  Build away!

  Designing with Blocks!

  Pile up to the test, make it better than   the rest!

  Our space your ways!

  Battle it Out, Bit by Bit, Engineers are   coming.

  Synergistic Showcase.

  Re-member Re-call Re-cognize.

  He who will follow the line, will shine.

  Innovation is possible...!!

  Just Arduino it..!!